The 3-0, Dirty Thirty, 3-0, Feature Film

The 3-0, Dirty Thirty, 3-0, Feature Film

The 3-0, dubbed, The Dirty Thirty is based on a true story about the largest Police Corruption Scandal in New York City's History.


This story is based on the authors true accounts while working in the 30th Precinct. Dubbed by the media as the, "Dirty Thirty," where over thirty police officers were arrested in the West Harlem Precinct.


This story follows Sergeant Liborio Lungaro during his eight years of service while in charge of the community policing unit. We follow Lungaro and his team as he gives a first hand account of a cat and mouse game with a corrupt sergeant, a team of rogue cops, as well as a superior officer.


In the end, over thirty police officers were arrested. Sergeant Lungaro's team were all rewarded with assignments of their choice. Only Lungaro can tell the true story of the "Dirty Thirty," who the real informants were, who the patsy's were and how the media was misled.