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The Dirty Thirty recognized!

Updated: Feb 26

So gald to hear my story, The Dirty Thirty was recently recognized by Cortney Kemp of End of Episodes, HBO, Lionsgate, Warner Brothers, ATT, Intelectual Property Corporation (IPC). Writers include Daniel DeJesus and Chris Selak. Jerry Ferrera is listed as a possible Executive Producer. A true New Yorker and fellow Knicks fan. Can't wait to meet.

I pitched The Dirty Thirty scripted series to Matt Shanfeild in 2015 of IPC. While he was still at Legenday. He loved my Pilot, Bible, notes and pictures. While we worked together. We taped a few of the Dirty Thirty cops. The series is copywritten under the names; The Dirty Thirty. The Heights as well as the "3-0." It was pitched as a modern day. As well as a period peice. Sony was developing it back in 2012. Until the changing of the guards. Looking forward to the future.


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