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The Dirty Thirty - NYPD, 30th precinct

Updated: Feb 29

Sergeant Lungaro comes from a family of cops. Dating back to the early 1900's. Upon graduation from the Police Academy. He was given his uncles' NYPD police guide that's dated 1914. His Uncle was involved in governmental municipal corruption cases. He was involved in Internal Investigations. He's a decorated cop. A good guy. With many awards. Having worked in the "Dirty Thirty," for over eight years. He went head to head against dirty supervisors and rogue cops. At the same time. Bringing a community together. He met the Mayor, The Police Commissioner. He knew the Chief, the inspector, the questionable captain. He's one of the few that knows the true story of the Dirty Thirty. He wrote a scripted series that was pitched to Matt Shanfield of IPC in 2015. When Shanfield was still working at Legendary Films. They worked hand in hand with each other for serveral month if not a year. Shanfeild had his scripted, modern day as well as period peice; Bible, Pilot, Feature film, notes pictures and even tape recordings of the dirty thirty cops. Question? How does someone from California put a Dirty Thirty Series together. When no one else could in over thirty years. Lungaro is the only one that knows who the real, "Otto's" are. Not the patsy, "Otto," that was listed in the papers.

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