• Liborio Lungaro

The Dirty Thirty - 30th Precinct - NYPD

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

Sergeant Liborio Lungaro comes from a family of cops. Dating back to the early 1900's. Upon graduation from the Police Academy. His grandfather handed him his uncles, Police Rules and Regulations Guide, dated 1914.

His uncles were involved in Munciple Corruption cases. One such case leading to a top political entity. Other famiy members were involved in Internal investigations.

Sergeant Lungaro worked in the 30th Precinct for over eight years. He went head to head with the dirty, rogue cops. From Captains. To Sergeants. To police officers. He knows the real story of, "The Dirty Thirty." He knows who the real informants are. As well as the wired cops. At the same time dealing with these dirty cops. 33 dirty officers were arrested during a four year investigation. He brought hope to a community. Receiving numerous awards. Together with all the good, hardworking, police officers in the 30th precinct. They brought crime down over sixty percent. While he was assigned there.

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