• Liborio Lungaro

The 3-0, The Dirty Thirty at #16 on Amazon's Best Sellers Law Enforcement Books!

This is a picture of four safes that were confiscated after a shooting in, The 3-0;

Here's a small excerpt from the book that you can read in Chapter 7;

Not knowing Police Officer Nunez and not trusting him, I interrogated him as I would any suspect in Narcotics or Robbery Squad. I wanted to know the answer to two simple questions. How long did he know that drug dealers were strong arming his uncle? And if he did, why didn’t he notify Internal Affairs for guidance? He didn’t answer either question, and like any suspect, he gave a lot of reasons why he didn’t know. This scared me, not just for my life, but I now knew that this investigation at the 3-0 was going to be much bigger than anybody could have ever imagined.

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