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The 3-0, Based on a True Story - The Dirty Thirty!

This is a picture of a New York City bus similar to the one we used in the 1990s. We used it to surprise drug dealers in a building where we were having difficulties entering.

Here's a small excerpt in the book that you can read in Chapter 10;

The bus driver placed his newspaper down, revved the engine, reached out, and pulled the bus door closed. We pulled from the curb and drove up an inclined hill on Broadway. To our right was an old cemetery. We stopped at a red traffic light on West 152nd Street. In the distance, we noticed the drug dealers’ lookouts, and we knew that we needed to time this perfectly because the lobby door was always locked, and if we didn’t get to the security guard quick enough, he would sound the alarms.

We rolled slowly to the curb, keeping our heads down, ducking low, so no one would notice us. Patiently, we waited for one of the drug dealers to unlock and open the front lobby door to let a buyer inside to his drug den. When the drug dealer placed his key in the door lock and turned the key, the front lobby door opened. The city bus door flew open, and we rushed the apartment building.

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