• Liborio Lungaro

The 3-0, Based on a True Story of the Largest Police Corruption Scandal in New York City's History

Both Pilot and Bible now available for Episodic in both Modern Time and Period Peice.

The 30th precinct is situated on the upper part of Manhattan in New York City, covering a little over 1.2 square miles. The neighborhood consists of both residential and commercial businesses. In the 1970’s The 3-0 was known as a blue collar, middle class neighborhood, since then the neighborhood has fallen prey to drug dealers and drug buyers.

The majority of commercial establishments are fronts for the drug cartel. The drug of choice is Cocaine and the cartel recently opened the market with Heroin. The drug dealers in this neighborhood only deal in weight. Wholesalers if you will. As a precaution they have many checks and balances to make sure they are not dealing with undercover officers or criminals that want to rob them. If they feel theatened, they will not hesitate to kill and dispose of the body or they find a police officer desperate to be bought out.

The 3-0, is considered the Cocaine Wholesaler of the world. You score big, by buying big. Including the TriState area, they will come as far as Detroit trying to score a deal to make their thriving drug business more profitable.

Police Officers both uniform and plain clothes are challenged each and every day. Tempted by not a thousand dollars that they may find in an drug infested building and or apartment. But, by the hundreds of thousands of dollars and kilos of cocaine that can be worth millions. All tempting based on a New York City Police salary.

In New York City drug wars and murders were at an all time high and the community’s trust in the police department was at an all time low. Residents felt with the temptation of drugs and money, cops cared more about their pockets than the crime rate.

The 3-0 was deemed the “The Wild, Wild West,” because drug dealers owned the streets - not the cops, not the citizens.

From this, the New York City Police Department decided to start a new unit to combat the complaints and try to gain back the trust in the community. This unit, headed by decorated cop, Sergeant Lungaro was to be proactive and deal with the community residents, to directly combat crime, take down the drug dealers and all crime suspects by working hand in hand with the detectives and other specialized units.

The one problem that was not foreseen was how the officers react to their own misgivings? Corruption among their own? Most important, who will listen when they are sitting on a political time bomb?

Based on actual events of the 30th Precinct in the New York City Police Department in the early 1990’s, the Washington Heights station was tagged by the press as the “Dirty Thirty,” where rogue cops ran rampant in the streets. This series reveals how the police and the city politicians handle the moral issues of corruption, crime and city politics; and how those in power manage their biggest fears: damaging their reputations and losing their power base.

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