• Liborio Lungaro

Suicide Awareness

A reader of my book, The 3-0, thanked me. He reminded me that the book is so much more than just about corrupt cops.

The 3-0 is about social issues and how we deal with the community. How we as a society overcome all our differences and work together as one in any chaotic society.

The one issue I addressed was suicide. He had a close friend and partner that had committed suicide. If you have read The 3-0, you would know I went through several suicides. One in which, I talked a young officer from killing himself. It’s always a humbling experience. No matter what profession you may have. No matter what background we may come from. One way or the other we have all been exposed to or someone close to us have felt that pain. It leaves a scar in our hearts. For the most part, it leaves us feeling guilty, that perhaps I could’ve done more. I know I felt that way. The saddest part is that the least likely, are the ones to commit suicide.

Today I just want everyone to take a moment and look around. In these trying times make sure to ask a friend or a loved one if they're okay. Don’t be shy. Tell them that they can open up to you, or a family member, or a friend, even a therapist. It may sound corny, you can contact me as well. Life is too precious!

The 3-0 book link:

Thank you!


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